Suffering The Agony Of Back Pain

For many people middle back pain is something they live with on a daily basis. This can be a chronic condition which recurs frequently or it may be a condition that is constant due to a back injury. Often this is debilitating and can affect as many as nine out of ten adults at one point or another. The most common pain is found in the lower back but often people experience pain in the middle of their back as well.

Many people will start feeling a dull ache which will progress to a burning sensation. If left untreated the pain can become very sharp and radiate down the legs and into the feet. In rare cases a spinal deformity will cause middle back pain but the most common cause is muscular irritation or ligament injuries.

Poor posture, repetitive motion, and trauma such as an automobile accident can all be attributed to middle back pain. For people who sit at a desk all day they tend to get into the habit of slouching without even realizing what they are doing until they start feeling the pain. This problem is fairly easily corrected by using correct posture and exercising to increase the strength of the muscles surrounding the area.

Trauma cannot be treated quite as easily as poor posture but it can be successfully treated. Often that results from trauma will respond to ice or heat packs and/or deep massage. Often physical therapy will be needed if the trauma is severe enough or if surgery is required to repair the damage.

Repetitive motion strain is caused by performing the same tasks over and over again. People who do a lot of work on keyboards will often suffer pain from the repetitive motion. A good way to avoid this type pain is to take frequent breaks. Get up and walk around the room or down the hall and back. Stand and stretch your arms upward and hold for ten seconds. Doing this ever hour or so will help prevent the pain from occurring.

Age Can Be A Factor In Back Pain

Women over the age of fifty often suffer from a compression fracture which is caused by a condition known as osteoporosis. A compression fracture does not mean there has been any kind of trauma; it is often a common sign of aging. When women reach their fifties they usually experience a decrease in hormone levels. This can lead to bones becoming brittle and small fractures can result. This can usually be prevented by taking calcium supplements and sticking with a regular exercise program. In some cases a hormone supplement may be called for.

Men who are in their fifties and have driven trucks for several years will often have middle back pain which is associated with spinal disc herniation. This is caused by the constant jarring which is experienced from uneven road services. Often this type will require surgery to repair the damage.

Middle back pain is not as common as lower back pain but it is one of the major factors which cause people to miss work each year. The best treatment is prevention but on those occasional days when the pain gets to be too annoying you can try taking anti-inflammatory pain killers that will help reduce the inflammation as well as the pain. If you must lift a heavy object, be sure to do so correctly by using the muscles in your legs instead of the ones in your back. You might also want to check into a mattress which helps support the spine. This can go a long way in preventing pain during the day.