Sudden Shoulder Pain Causes

Working for long hours suddenly you shoulder snap, pain starts to grow in your shoulder. Every now and then you feel a sudden shoulder pain. Not only does it bother you but you’re not able to work your best because of the pain. There are several reasons why we have such sudden inflammation after long hours of work. For one, shoulder joints is the most mobile part of the body and too much use can lead to tear or injury, any swelling, inflammation around the joints can cause pain when we try to move our arm behind the back, or straight out in front.

Another cause is old age. If we notice as people get’s older they tend to get joint pains everywhere, and it tends to grow more frequently as time pass by. Rapid age growth initiates bone deterioration, gradually narrowing of the joints and loss of protective cartilage which makes it hard for us to move with ease in return causes the person to feel pain it narrow the.

Arthritis is one of the common causes of shoulder pain, it is the loss or damage of joints cartilage which is also associated with age degeneration which makes you suffer and less motion as result.

Also, a sudden blow or fall can lead to shoulder joints to dislocate, since it is the body’s most mobile joint it is also the one that get dislocated frequently. Shoulder dislocation most frequently happen in younger athletic individual. The pain can be severe. An injury can also cause the shoulder bone to crack, that cause isn’t a surprise – you had a bad fall. Pain follows, and you may be able to see your shoulder bones dislocated.

Frozen shoulder a condition in which creates stiffness and pain in the shoulder joints, which limits your ability to move your shoulders normally. And of course, sports injuries also contributes to sudden shoulder pain one minute you were jumping, and the next you doubled over, your shoulder feels like on fire. Now you can’t sleep normal and you have problems with simple activities like drawing. Synovitis contributes also to sudden shoulder pain, this is a very technical causes. The synovial membrane secretes a clear fluid called synovial fluid that lubricates joint surfaces and provides the cartilage with nutrients. Sometimes this capsule becomes inflamed. The result is the painful condition called Synovitis.

One of the common problems that a person can have due to shoulder pain is Tendinitis and Bursitis. Tendinitis is the swelling of tendons. A person who encounters this sickness feels soreness with its biceps and shoulder tendons. While Bursitis is an irritation in the shoulder which concerns the shoulder bursae, a sac that protects the bones of the shoulder that results to shoulder inflammation.

Finally, one of the most common causes of sudden shoulder pain is the result of a torn rotator cuff.

The rotator cuff is made of four muscles. Their tendons form a “cuff” of tissue over the upper end of the arm bone – the rounded “ball” at the top of the ball and socket joint. The space between the rotator cuff and the shoulder blade is cushioned and lubricated by bursae. The rotator cuff helps you move your arm in a circular fashion like swimming, putting on a jacket and throwing ball.

Moreover, you don’t need to live with the pain of shoulder problems. Much can be done to reduce your pain, return your shoulder mobility and get you back to the activities you love. We don’t need to lose hope.