Success, Personal Growth – How to Be More Inspired

Personal growth is essential for you to be more successful. But personal growth doesn’t always happen steadily. Sometimes you need the flash of an inspired idea. Do you know how you might be blocking inspiration and slowing down your progress?

Inspiration comes out of chaos

Have you had the experience that life appears to be going along, everything is fine. You are making progress on your latest goal, you’re learning new skills. Then gradually at first but more rapidly, things slip into chaos. You get stressed out and emotional…

Then suddenly, a light goes on. You suddenly reach a new level of understanding, things that were troubling you just minutes before are now clear. What happened?

If you have this experience regularly then you’re lucky. Sudden flashes of insight – you might call them light bulbs going on, blinding flashes of the obvious, moments of inspiration or any one of many other names are responsible for many great leaps in progress. All the way from Archimedes shouting Eureka – to you solving your problem!

If you haven’t experienced flashes of insight, or they don’t seem to happen very often, it’s possible that you might have been hesitating at the threshold of inspiration and missing out on the opportunity for a leap forward.

The secret is that these moments of inspiration are usually preceded by a period of high emotional intensity. Understanding how they work can help you to recognise that you might be about to make a breakthrough and allow you to just let it happen.

Allowing breakthroughs to happen

Imagine you are going about your daily business, what you are doing is working perfectly for where you want to be now. But you want to change, you want to get to the next level.

You become aware that what you’re doing is not going to get you there and you start working to move on. As you do this the pressure starts to rise as new information gradually seeps in to your mind. You start to feel your life is getting more chaotic, overwhelming, more stressful as the new information starts to disrupt your current level of understanding.

The typical response to coping with this chaos, which is very stressful, is emotions. Lots of them – anger, fear, depression, mood swings… Everyone has their favourite recipe.

Sometimes the emotional response dissipates all the chaotic energy building up inside you and you revert back to your calm state. Nothing has changed in your level of knowledge.

Sometimes, the emotions are not enough to dissipate all the energy and you end up going through the barrier… and emerging out the other side with more wisdom. If you want personal growth, this is a better result for you than ending up back where you started.

The trick is to recognise when you are approaching a breakthrough – after all not all emotionally charged times lead to learning experiences. Once you recognise that a breakthrough might be coming – get out of the way. Disengage as much as possible from your emotional response and let the flash of inspiration happen.

Sometimes when you are trying hard to achieve personal growth you enter a period of seeming chaos and intense emotions as new ideas start to swirl chaotically round in your mind. Be aware that this emotion is a natural response that is meant to protect you.

If you want to accelerate your progress, you should get out of the way of the new ideas that are forming by disengaging your emotions. You will greatly increase your chances of taking that elusive quantum leap forward.

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