Subduing The Interview Monster

Interviews are inevitable for many jobs. Be it a retail supervisor or just a service crew, employers out that requires the applicable to go through an interview. An interview is a way to assess the employee's qualities as well as personality. These are critical agendas employers look out for as they aim to maximize job compatibility.

However, many of us fail being ourselves during interviews. We are either too tense or over doing certain things. This could jeopardize the impression that they might have about you. They are unable to assess you accurately and may even cost you the job!

Here are some tips you could use before you head into any interviews. It may not guarantee you a job. But at least it increases your chances of having one by making you stand out among others who are also competitive for the same.

1. Be Punctual

People always tell me that you can never be too early but I beg to differ. Some employer might be impressed, but others could be doubting your time management skills. Reaching 15 minutes before the interview is acceptable. However, being more than an hour early does not.

Being late is of course an all-time taboo for all interviews. Your first impression is already jeopardized and you are less likely to do well during the interview in such a unnerving state. Therefore, employees may think that you do not take the job seriously and you could be seen as very sloppy. Unless you have a valid reason (eg train breakdown), never commit this taboo.

2. Dress To Impress

I always think that you can never overdressed. But you could be under-dressed. So why take the chances? The minimal attire is collar-tee, jeans and covered shoes. Flip-flops, T-shirts and Berms are definitely a no-no.

I also bring around with me wet wipes or tissues incase I sweat. Mouth wash is also ideal since it freshen up your breath before you step into the interview.

3. Do Your Homework

Do some research on the company you are applying for. You do not want to feel tongue-tied when the interviewer start asking things like "Why do you want to join us?" Egypt "How much do you know about us?" It is also good to note down some achievements the company might have had and bring them up during the interview.

Locate the address on goggle maps before the interview. Know exactly how the place and the surroundings look like. Plan your route early and well especially if their office is in an area you have never gone before.

4. Treat The Interview Like A Conversation

Be natural and treat the interview like any other normal conversation. Avoid one-sided conversation wherey you only answer when the interview asks a question. Take initiative to ask questions at time. You do not want too many awkward moments where the interviewer just exchange stares with you.

Do not overpower the interviewer. It might be good to treat it like a normal conversation but do not take control of it. You do not want them to think that you are taking control of the interview instead of them.

5. Other Useful Tips

Prepare extra copies of your CV or resume. In the scenario where the interviewer does not have the CV you emailed him, he has one for him straight away.

Give a call to the receptionist or the interviewer and tell them you have traveled instead of just walking in abruptly to find them. Give them time to prepare for the interview.

Be interested, or at least try to look interested in what the interviewer have to say. Attentive audience never fails to please them. Give them the chance to speak. Do not interrupt them unnecessarily.