Stuttering Anguish


Not many disorders can be as annoying as stuttering, rather known as a specific case of speech disorder. This speech disorder can not be termed as a disability but it is simply a case of non-fluent speaking where people suffering from it tend to stammer while pronouncing certain words or syllables. In most cases, stutterers stumble while pronouncing difficult words or elongate the vowels. Though stuttering can be mentioned as a simple case of speech disorder, the trauma undergone by the stutterers is not something which is easy to get over. Also not knowing the cause of the problem and not having a prescribed cure for it does not help the cause of stutterers much.

The problems faced by stutterers in their day to day life are innumerable. The first problem faced by the stutterers is within them. Stutterers find that they are not able to communicate as fast as their minds think and this leads them to feel the frustration and anger over themselves. Though they want to get over their disorder and get on with life, it becomes impossible for them to do so with their recurring stuttering problem.

But the major problem faced by stutterers is in the form of their society and the environment they live in. The society does not understand the difficulties faced by stutterers and considers them only as a piece of joke. The society does not realize the psychological and emotional suffering undergone by the stutterers. In most places, a stutterer is just made fun of, ridiculed or imitated and it is expected of the stutterer to take all of that in a sense of jest. The anguish of the stutterers is not understood by many and not many know that the ridiculing and teasing can completely change the personality of the stutterer.

Most stutterers tend to keep to themselves or develop a reserved nature to avoid communication with others. Some other stutterers develop a short temper which makes them unfriendly and are even more teased in their surroundings. The society must try and identify with the anguish of the stutterers and help them in every way possible to help them overcome the problem. There can be enormous hidden potential in a stutterer which may not have come out due to the taunting he / she had experienced in earlier years. With the right amount of encouragement and support, stutterers will be able to get rid of their problem and get along well in the society.