Stroke & Heart Attack Survivors Need Plavix

The emergency room conjures up unhappy memories for many of us. Most people have spent time in the E.R. of a hospital waiting for the outcome of a critical health issue for a parent, a relative or a friend. It is not something that we look forward to reliving. Yet, there are stroke and heart attack victims who have survived their battle with death, and are living among us today, something for which we are eternally grateful. While they may appear to be doing just fine, the fact that they had a previous heart attack or stroke puts them in grave risk to have another one. 

If we truly care about these people, we will ensure that they take all necessary precautions to prevent a recurrence of a stroke or heart attack. This is precisely why you should urge them to begin a daily medication regimen of Plavix Generic immediately.  Plavix (Clopidogrel) is an antiplatelet drug that is extremely effective in preventing blood clots from forming in our arteries.  Heart attacks and strokes occur when a blood vessel to the heart or the brain is clogged by a clot. If the clot is in the artery going to the brain, the result is a stroke; if the clot is in the artery to the heart, the result is a heart attack.

Generic Plavix is the most potent antiplatelet agent on the market today.  It is also effective in the treatment of coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease and cerebrovascular disease because of its unique ability to prevent certain cells from clotting in your blood.  Since it is the platelets that stick together and clot, Plavix is the recommended medication for the prevention of clotting.

The recommended dosage of Plavix (Generic) is to take a single tablet of 75 mg. each morning along with a full glass of water. You should never double up on the medication, or take a higher dosage unless directed by a doctor.  You can buy Plavix Generic at very low prices at your self-help online pharmaceutical center, You will begin to feel better since you no longer have to fear the risk of having another heart attack or stroke.

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Don’t risk your health or the health of loved ones with predispositions to strokes and heart attacks – buy Generic Plavix and stop the needless worry!