Stroke – Eliminating the Risk Factors

While there are a number of risk factors for strokes that are hereditary, meaning there is little you can do about them, there are also many other risks that you can remove from your life and therefore cut your chances of having a stroke. Even if you have many factors against you, such as your age, a history of strokes in the family or have already suffered a stroke in yourself, then you can reduce the risk of having another by making some lifestyle changes. Whatever your situation, eliminating the risk factors for strokes could benefit your health and well being greatly.

One of the biggest risks for strokes that can be moderated and changed by you is high blood pressure. This is thought to be one of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to strokes. If you think you may have high blood pressure, you should get it checked out by your doctor and look to reduce it. As little as 30 minutes exercise five days a week can significantly lower your blood pressure, and thereby your chances of suffering a stroke.

Another massive risk is smoking. By giving up the habit, you could be cutting your risk of having a stroke by up to half. This is true whatever age you are and however, long you have been smoking, meaning it’s a huge incentive to quit. What’s more, it has been found that the combination of smoking and some contraceptive pills greatly increases the risk of stroke too while nicotine and carbon monoxide are damaging to the cardiovascular system in a myriad of ways.

Your diet is another area you should have a close look at if you’re hoping to cut your chances of suffering a stroke. If you’re eating a lot of cholesterol, trans fat and saturated fat, you could end up with high blood cholesterol levels – a big risk factor when it comes to strokes. It’s also been found that people who eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day are less likely to suffer strokes.

It’s also important to watch your weight in general, as obesity also raises risk levels. This means you should aim to stay active as well as eat well and aim to exercise for a little while at least once a day. By cutting your risk factors, looking after yourself and checking your cholesterol and blood pressure at your health screening, you are giving your body a fighting chance when it comes to battling off strokes.