Stress, TV Hazards, And Schizophrenia


If we carefully observes the essence of education, then the single most important criterion would be knowledge of reality leading to composition of mind. The knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology etc; helps us to comprehend the reality inside and outside our body. Through this knowledge; we are able to create airplanes, rockets, computers, satellites, radars, surgical techniques, investigative techniques such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), drugs etc. Our knowledge equips us with the ability to probe and see the interior of cells, tissues, distant places, oceanic depths, space and also to some extent the future!

In fact our ability to match with the reality; decides our normalcy and competency! Thus; a person arises to top with his or her capacity to predict and act appropriately; in any given field; such as politics, business, share market and of course; astrology! Even in creative business such as advertising, movie making, making television programs and shows; the instinctive capacity to guess the mass appeal; decides success or failure.

In other words; proper and empowering education would be associated with composition and being one with reality and mass psychology; which is what we call normal! Even in day to life; we try to match our views and feelings with our friends and relatives so as to assess and confirm our normalcy!

On the contradiction; when we mismatch with the reality in terms of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feelings things; which do not exist (not seen, heard, smelled, tasted or felt by others) we are considered to be cut off from the reality. This cutting off can be mild and undetectable; or extreme and debilitating to jeopardize our normal behavior. If it is mild; then we call it schizoid behavior and if it is extreme then schizophrenia.

As a result of inadequate control, coordination, regulation and synchronization and harmonization of the metabolic, hormonal, neuro-hormonal and neural activities by objective consciousness, we often deviate from reality and / or vacillate between reality and illusions or hallucinations arising from various subjective factors !

We come to terms with life as we have no idea about our problem; which could be schizoid behavior; and the solutions for it.

Often the pressure of peers, teachers, parents and other relatives; inhibits us from negotiating the two personalities or even more personalities living, conflicting and contradictory within us. This pressure operates at international, local and even intrapersonal (difficulty to accept, concede and negotiate with so called deficiencies, mistakes, crimes, or sins; of ours); levels.

Often we begin to assume ourselves to be; what we bought to be; rather than what we are; and continue to manifest contradictions in our policies, plans, implementation and activities!

This can create sever conflict and cause severe STRESS, which can ruin us and also the others; to a greater or lesser extent in accordance with our position in the society! For example; the global decision makers' decisions would devastously affect the global population.

In recent times the excessive electronic and print input; through mobile phones, TV, compact disc (CD) players, in various formats; including the talks, jokes, commercials, news, movies, serials, reality shows (compounded with pollution by flickering lights and noise); constituents a major stressor. Can it due to its excessively sensational, melodramatic, confusing, contradictory, and disruptive contents; cause borderline schizophrenia or borderline multiple personality disorder?

In view of the massive unproductive employment, massive profit margins and massive monetary gains involved in this field, a brave and honest finding after thorough research of these phenomena is a big thing to expect!

But our study of Total Stress Management suggests that borderline schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder; could be caused by excessive electronic and print input; through mobile phones, TV, compact disc (CD) players, in various formats; including the talks, jokes, commercials, news, movies, serials, reality shows (compounded with pollution by flickering lights and noise).

The conscientious scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, philosophers, thinkers, lawyers, activists and NGOs all over the world; can investigate this dangerous possibility and the imminent threat to our healthy value system, and endorse our perspective.

The technology such as TV, MOBILE, COMPUTERS, LAP TOPS, I PODS, CD PLAYERS and so on and so forth are double edged weapons. They can be used to everyone's benefit as well as to everyone's destruction.

The individualistic pursuits; on the one hand; and the lack of understanding and practice of Total Stress Management on the other; have lead to unabated and cancerous increase in the production, promotion, marketing, sale, use and spread of these gadgets; and the confusing, conflicting, contradictory and disruptive information explosion, that vitiates the ideal education constituent a major STRESSOR, which we postulate to be one the causes or facilitators; of schizophrenia.

Even as the SRTESSORS causing or facilitating schizophrenia are increasing; the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying schizophrenia are not yet fully elucidated and the treatment also; is still not completely satisfactory.

It is hypothesized this Total Stress Management (the core of which is NAMASMARAN), would create an ambience at individual, family and global levels; that vitalizes and catalyzes our evolution from subjectivity (involving conflicts and contradictions) to merge with true self (unifying, objective or cosmic consciousness), which is efficient composition of our mind and a powerful adjuvant in the victory over schizoid tendencies.

In other words; we hypothesize that through Total Stress Management we evolve; the perspective, policies, plans and programs and their implementation; for individual and global blossoming through holistic perspective; and so as to help everyone; to reintegrate, reorganiz, regulate and harmonize the dispersing personalities!