Stress Due to Diaper Rash

A diaper rash is an irritation of the skin. It can be any form of irritation that occurs in the diaper area. A diaper rash usually brings a lot of stress to parents as they feel responsible for not taking good care of the baby that is now suffering from the rash. However, things are not exactly like this.

Diaper rash is not caused of lack of care. It is a simple contact dermatitis. By that we mean that it is probably natural for the baby to develop a skin irritation since diapers cover an area of the body for the first months of life. You know that the skin of our body needs to breathe. Therefore, if it is covered all the time, it is only natural that it might develop some sort of irritation. The most common form is redness at the upper feet or the waist, parts where the diaper is tighter to the skin.

Changing the diaper often is a simple way to prevent the rash. You should also use a product with zinc that provides a barrier from infections. You can also change the diaper brand to another, if your baby keeps getting rashes. There might be something in the product that irritates the skin. However, chances are that you won’t totally avoid or eliminate the factors that can cause a diaper rash. So if your child has a rash, you should clean the area with a soft cloth and water and apply some cream. Using a soft cloth and water has proven to be more effective than the common baby wipes that have lotions that can irritate skin. Te problem should be gone after a few days. If not, ask for the doctor’s advice as the area might get infected with something else.

The most common infections are yeast infections. You should also see the doctor if the rash expands to other areas as this is no longer a diaper rash, but some other skin dermatitis. If the rash is severe, you should contact your doctor and get a medical treatment as common treatments will not work. Your child might protest if the rash is causing pain or itching. The most common age for a diaper rash is between 8 and 10 months. The skin is sensitive and the body is changing rapidly. You should include all prevention methods in your routine during these months so that causes can be eliminated.

Diaper rash can also be prevented by washing the baby between diaper changes and leaving the baby for a while without diapers. This allows the skin to breathe. You should also remember to dry the skin very well as water and moist can cause a rash. You should also make sure that the baby wears diapers according to the age and weight. If the diapers are too tight, they might cause a rash to the skin by mere contact. Sensitive skin is more prone to diaper rash so take care of it.