Strange Medical Words

Learning how to speak medicine is kind of like learning a second language.  On my bookshelf is a thick green Stedman’s Medical Dictionary filled with almost 2,000 pages of strange medical words.

As a practicing podiatrist, it is my job to translate a medical diagnosis for my patients like metatarsalgia into plain everyday English.   As a medical student I learned most of these new challenging words.  However, my staff and I use this dictionary from time to time.

I thought it would be interesting and educational for my readers to list some uncommon medical terms.  Some of these terms I have never heard of before. I will also list some podiatric medical terms for fun. Maybe one day you might recognize an arfarfanart gongoozler with a bloody fipple.

Arfarfanart-adj. Very,very drunk

Gongoozler-n. A person who stares for hours at anything out of the ordinary

Fipple-n. The lower lip

Humdergeon-n. An imaginary illness

Gamephobia-n. A fear of marriage

Fnast-v. To pant

Curple-n. The buttocks

Bubukle-n. A red pimple

Zomotherapy-n. Treating tuberculosis with raw meat

Xeromyron-n. Solid ointment

Ventoseness-n. Flatulence

Tittup-n. Restless behavior

Tonomania-n. A mania for undergoing surgery.

Sphacelate-v. To become gangrenous.

Gangrene- n. Necrosis due to obstruction, loss, or diminution of blood supply.

Necrosis- n. Death of cells, tissue, or an organ.

Ret-v. To soak or expose to moisture

Ptarmic-adj. Snot-promoting.

Obex- n. A thin layer of cerebral gray matter.

Gnathic-adj. Pertaining to the lower jaw

Hipshot-adj. Having one hip lower than the other due to dislocation

Kakidrosis-n. Body smell

Hepaticoclangiocholecstenterostomy- n. Surgically created link between the gallbladder and hepatic duct, and between the intestine and the gallbladder

Elfen-v. To tiptoe

Acronyx- n. An ingrown nail

Pes cavus- n. a foot with a high arch

Metatarsalgia-n. Pain in the forefoot

Onychomycosis-n. A fungal infection of the nails

Plantar fascia –n. A sheet of fibrous tissue enclosing muscles in the sole of the foot

Plantar Fasciotomy-n. Surgery to cut or release the plantar fascia

See if you can combine several of these terms in a sentence while pronouncing them correctly.  This is the best way I can illustrate that speaking medical is really a second language. Good luck!