Strains and Sprains – Even Professionals Get Hurt!

Accidents happen to everyone, including the professionals.

If you strain or pull a muscle, you have actually overstretched or torn a tendon. A Strain can happen if you are trying to do a movement too forcefully. Usually, this starts off as an intense pain, and then aches for hours and sometimes days after. A sprain is completely different. Sprains happen to joints themselves. When you sprain a joint the connective tissues that connect bones together have been torn or over stretched. This will result in a throbbing pain and usually will accompany swelling and bruising. The most common sprains are of the ankles and wrists. 

These types of injuries can heal over a couple days or months. It is important to respect your injuries and not train heavily. If you don’t seem to be healing then it is important to see a doctor. Let’s look at a couple of common weight lifting injuries:

1. Rotator Cuff – Torn muscles in the rotator cuff usually happen during bench pressing or other should exercises. You might feel deep pains in your shoulder while doing weights and you may not be able to lift your arms in front of you and over your head.

2. Knees – knee injuries can be hard to tell exactly what caused the problem in the first place. Interestingly enough, most knee injuries happen outside of the gym. People who use their legs often such as runners and cyclists often complain of knee problems. It is important to protect your knees at all costs and let them heal. Some people will wrap their knees and continue working out at lighter weights.

These were only a couple of common weight lighting injuries. As I mentioned before, respect your injuries and you will be able to lift another day.