Stopping Your Fear of Vomiting Once And For All

The fear of vomiting, or emetophobia to give it it’s technical name, is one that affects many people. Sure, almost no-one likes the taste of vomit and childhood memories of the taste and smell can linger long into adult life. But what can you do if you suffer from a fear of vomiting?

Trying to rationalize probably won’t work. There’s a good chance you’ve talked your phobia through either in your own head or with a trusted friend. But the chances are that you’ve still got this fear, lurking, ready to surface at the slightest opportunity.

The good news is that this fear can be tamed.

Depending on the severity of your problem, you may be able to use a self help solution such as listening to a hypnosis download. This works in a large number of cases and is very economical. The download will talk to your subconscious mind (the part that is causing you major worry) and will help it to work out a more sensible response to the problem.

You may also find it beneficial to work out what triggers your fear. Think back over previous occasions when you’ve experienced emetophobia and see if there’s a common cause – there usually is. Then work on one of those triggers.

Once you start chipping away at the edges of fear, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast it can melt away. It’s odd, but if you give your current fear a score on a 1 to 10 scale, getting the fear down to around the half way point is almost always enough to cause it to disappear completely without any further help from you or anyone else.