Stop Social Anxiety – Self Help Tips

Do you sometimes wonder how others appear to manage to be so relaxed and make socializing look easy? Do events like parties, meetings or a night in the local bar or restaurant trigger horrible symptoms of edginess or fear?

If this is at all familiar continue reading this article & find out how to stop social anxiety.

These are some of the things people with Social Anxiety have been known to say

  • I find I am battling with my emotions if I’m in social settings
  • I can sometimes find it difficult relaxing & revealing my real personality
  • When I am in the company of others I often look on from the sidelines and see them chatting & long to join in but somehow can’t

Anything you have read so far seem familiar?

Just imagine how it would feel if you could put a stop to the symptoms that are all too familiar?

Do you recognize any of these?

• Having hot, red cheeks

• Hyperventilating

• Feeling hot & sticky

• Finding it difficult to breath

The next time any of these things occur just remember you are not alone, there are lots of other people around that share the debilitating effects of social anxiety.

You don’t need to continue to suffer, it is possible to Stop Social Anxiety

Take a look at some of these self help tips

The next time you begin to feel that others are looking at you, consider the fact that they are likely to be too busy concentrating on what they are saying to be bothered by you.

Turn it round another way – do you make judgments of people that you are introduced to? Do you gaze at & analyze their clothes or hair style? My guess is that you don’t, so why then do you feel they might do that to you?

In order to make changes & break the link that causes your anxiety, you need to do a little positive thinking.

Being self confident really is the key, as when you are at ease with yourself, you will be more relaxed at social events. Try by beginning to improve your confidence, stop isolating yourself from everyday life & you will start to feel happier around others.

If low self esteem is an issue for you, you could try giving yourself a mini makeover, maybe change your makeup or some of the items in your wardrobe.

Do you have supportive people around you? try asking them to give you useful comments, what do they think your good points are for instance?

Sometime find yourself with spare time on your hands? taking on some charity work may also help your confidence grow. This can really make you feel great about yourself & you’ll be helping others at the same time.