Stop Sexual Performance Anxiety

Everyone knows about anxiety, but have you ever heard of sexual performance anxiety? In this article you understand and learn how to overcome this sexual nervousness. This can happen to just about anyone of any age, ethnicity, gender, or personality type. When you get your chance at that magic moment you want it to be special, and have great satisfaction.

With low self esteem, you can affect other areas of performance, and this will cause problems during sexual activity. The more nervous you become the worse the situation becomes, until you panic and are at the point of no return. You start to think what if I’m too small, what if I ejaculate too quick, what if I don’t satisfy her? When your body has an attack it believes that there is a threat or danger. Thinking that you are a sexual failure sends a message in your brain that triggers fear. This fear then blocks an erection.

There are other reasons for performance anxiety. Say a male is taking a blood pressure medication. This may affect the blood flow making the penis not as hard or large as the male is use to. Not knowing it is the medication continues with this problem and then starts worrying about his sexual performance. When this happens time after time he is prone to not getting a full erection he will then have this imprinted in his head that he cannot get an erection. Say he stops taking that medication, his brain will mentally tell him that he cannot become erect.

So far everything has been mental issues, its not that you can’t get erect, or have great sexual activity. You are mentally blocking out any kind of positive sexual thinking. Once you start thinking positively and cut off those negative thoughts you should see improvement. It takes time to build confidence. This is why sexual enhancement supplements are a good idea if you want to get the right kick start on amazing intimacy.

There are also other methods of overcoming this issue. Hypnosis has been proven to cure any mental blockage you may have associated with sexual activity. This system works because it is talking to your inner and primitive areas of thinking.

Also handling sexual performance anxiety takes some sort of planning, you must first alter how you think and then come up with a strategy. Studies show that having a plan and following through calms your brain. After you have calmed yourself, and stopped thinking about failure your brain should allow your body to function properly.

There are a few other things you can do.  One is to avoid masturbation because when you masturbate it will reduce libido. Before attempting to have sex the next time, don’t masturbate and see if this will help enhance your performance. Also you can try to take enhancers, try Bomba by Premier Marketing. It’s formulated to enhance sexual activity to the fullest extent, as well as heightens a climax, and promotes a higher level of performance.