Stop panic attack – calmpose yourself

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the most worried of them all?” Do sufferers really feel the problematic aspect involved in it. The question might have been replied genuinely in the last decade which most sufferer know.

Alarming situation with anxiety occurs due to many worrying factors. Today the situation has turned worst. Most of us invite panic attacks by mixing our worries and daily life tensions which ultimately take the shape of anxiety and leave us nowhere. Some of us face pseudo myocardial infarction like situation in today as our physiology gets dominated by panic disorder. We have to think over it and stop panic attacks through applying better options.

Let us begin by trying to understand what panic attacks are.

Short periods of intense anxiety, during which the subject is plagued by acute manifestations like increased hear beat, trembling, sweating, hot flushes or chills, nausea, giddiness, breathlessness, butterflies in the stomach, paresthesias, derealisation or depersonalization, may be termed as Panic Attack.

Sufferers face extreme discomfort due to their panic attacks hence a mechanism should be developed to stop panic attack. The patients also develop suicidal tendencies due to a fear psychosis in them with the fear of death and losing control over self which are most crucial factors. They in fact keep the mental level distraught leading to eruption of numerous disorders. Most problematic thing is that such disorders can occur without any prior symptom.

One must understand major causative aspects to stop panic attack. It is revealed though that hereditary agent is involved in spreading anxiety attack symptoms which transmit from one generation to other through genes. Structural aspects are involved in it and major diseases including thyroid malfunction, Vitamin B deficiency and labyrinthitis are the reasons for developing such symptoms besides phobias, personal traumas, drug and alcohol abuse and hormonal imbalances in the case of women.

Keep control on your diet and avoid harmful elements like drugs, caffeine and extra alcohol consumption. Ensure that your meals are complete with all nutrients. Always select proper antibiotics even though your infections are minor.  You must consult general physicians to sort out minor health problems before it creates unnecessary anxiousness in you which later become a disorder and you are forced to take therapeutic treatment for that.

Stop panic attack through simple remedies like yoga, Thai-Chi, acupressure, acupuncture, ayurvedic massages, spa treatments, laughter therapy, long warm baths and other techniques. Hyperventilation is a symptom associated with panic disorders which helps in exhalation process to provide sufficient oxygen and carbon dioxide for controlling body system. Practice simple exercises and do deep breathing exercises. They would help you lessen the impact of anxiety attacks in emergency and will help you achieve success by keeping panic attacks under control.

Panic attacks are treated by cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). An experienced psychotherapist is involved in this process and patients are encouraged to speak out his/her mind before the expert who judge mental level of that person. In this process patients speak up their thoughts and share the panic attack experience. It is ensured that discussion remains healthy with continuation of positive statements and chants are encouraged to repeat just to prevent possible attacks. This methodology is applied to keep the situation under control. In alternative panic disorder medicine biofeedback is considered wonderful technique applied upon sufferers. Main emphasis of this therapy is to have proper measurement of scientific parameters of body including pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, sweat gland activity etc. Usually sufferer links panicky thoughts with reactionary steps of body which helps in having better control over physiological activities required for particular purpose.

The commonest, efficient and highly practical alternative panic disorder medicine option is exposure therapy. Its basic concept is that patients are encouraged to encounter fear which he/she escapes. This process is planned and done in safe environment under protective eye of trained therapist. Last but not the least patients are convinced through this practical experiment that the fear he/she had have waned.

Use of fast-acting panic disorder medicines are always preferred because panic attacks most often have heightened impact. Usually therapists suggest Benzodiazepine group of medicines to treat such chronic disorder. Major drugs of this group include Diazepam, Alprazolam, Lorazepam and Clonazepam etc. Such medicines have certain level of side effect too which can leave great effect on the health of a long time user of this medicine. In other category of panic disorder medicine, Selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitor is major which has drugs such as paroxetine, sertraline, fluvoxamine, escitalopram or fluoxetine out of many.

You wouldn’t like your valuable life too be wasted as hours countering panicky situations. Give space to calmness and keep anxiety at particular distance.