Stop Cellulite Cold in It's Tracks with an Anti Cellulite Treatment


The battle to stop cellulite is more difficult that it may seem. Unlike body fat and extra weight being transported on other parts of your body cellulite can not simply be burned off by dieting, or massive quantities of exercise. Cellulite is not caused by being overweight as many might think, rather it is caused by dehydrated and damaged skin. So in order to stop cellulite you must focus on first improving the skin, then getting rid of the cellulite. This article explores how creams and lotions can stop cellulite, and more specifically what ingredients you should look for, and the results you can expect.

How do creams stop cellulite?

It's become a very big market, anti cellulite products, but do they work? Yes, and no. Understanding what these creams are capable of will ensure you're expectations are not to high before you begin using them. Most of these products are developed by cosmetic companies, so they are not FDA approved, and therefore are not medical creams. They contain natural ingredients (which we'll discuss below) that work to moisturize, tone, and firm the skin where it's applied.

The effects of cellulite creams are a firmer more toned skin which reduces the appearance of the dimples that are caused by cellulite.

Which ingredients are important

Most creams contain some form of caffeine, this is important to dehydrate fat cells, and improve the appearance of your skin. Along with caffeine, most have some form of green tea or seaweed extract and several other natural ingredients that are known to improve the physical appearance of your skin. Some creams claim to use their own special technology to deliver ingredients below the skins surface and have effects directly on the fat cells that are stuck in the deep tissues in your legs, arms, buttocks, and stomach.

What type of results should I expect?

Most creams suggest you should see results and stop cellulite in the 4-5 week mark. You need to apply the product according to the manufacturers directions continuously if you want the desired results. Occasionally you will reach a maximum point of benefit from the cellulite cream at which point some creams suggest you can cut back your application from normally twice a day to once a day. An important point to remember is that once you start using these stop cellulite creams you're required to use them forever if you wish to continue having the desired results (reduced appearance of cellulite).