Stop Ankle Pain Now

Sprained ankles are one of the most common and most painful injuries that happen each year. What seems at first a minor annoyance can prove quite debilitative, and of course the first thing we want is to stop the pain NOW.

Swelling and inflammation are the body's defense mechanisms designed to protect an injury, but they also cause a great deal of pain. Most people avoid movement, let alone rehabilitative exercise, as long as pain and swelling are present.

Traditional Treatment Options

>> Oral pain relievers

Most of us will first turn to the medicine cabinet. Acetaminophen is a safe option, while the use of NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen can also help.


RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) is the standard course of treatment for a sprained ankle. It slowly reduces swelling and requires from 4-8 weeks and does not address ANY of the issues related to a sprained ankle. In fact, recent research clearly shows that ice can actually inhibit the healing process and delay it significantly.

In fact, it has been shown in research that 30% of people who get a sprained ankle, still have ankle pain 1 year later! *

A Better Way to Ankle Stop Pain Now

The fastest way to stop pain is to reduce swelling and improve healthy blood flow. Not only must you remove the waste and debris form the injury, you must also ensure healthy blood and powerful immune cells can get into the ankle to help it heal.

A remarkable new approach has been developed to deal with the pain of a sprained ankle with a method is known as HEM Ankle Rehab. HEM uses three simple steps backed up by the latest research to help you heal a sprained ankle quickly and safely.

HEM will help improve the following immensely which dramatically speeds up the quality and speed of the healing process:

>> Working with the body's natural healing process instead of against it

>> Improving healthy blood flow to the ankle

>> Improving lymphatic drainage of waste and debris out of the ankle

>> Breaking up and removing harmful scar tissue

>> Significantly improving healthy range of motion, stability and strength in the ankle

Stop Ankle Pain and Get Stronger at the Same Time

What makes HEM so remarkable is what it does proactively. You can actually become stronger by using this method to heal your sprained ankle. Building strength is the key to preventing the risk of future injury.

In addition to stopping ankle pain and healing the damaging effects of the sprain, HEM Ankle Rehab offers these benefits –

>> Walk without ankle pain in 3-7 days

>> Improved over-all movement and athletic performance

>> Significantly lower risk of future ankle sprains

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* Evid Based Med 2008; 13: 6 187