Stool and Candida Test From Great Smokies Lab – Treating High Level of Klebsiella

A friend has just got his candida test from the Great Smokies Lab done. He would like to know if other people have had this done, what their results showed, and how they are treating it. He has found high levels of klebsiella and candida tropicalis during a stool test in him, with no candida albicans.

On another page of his test report (Yeast Sensitivity Results), there is detailed info about candida krusei and geotrichum species. It shows that certain anti-yeast medications would not work for him. They are Nystatin, fluconazole, berberine, caprylic acid, plant tannins, and undecylenic acid that would not work at all against his candida. He found it really cool that they provide this information along with the tests. It saves him a lot of money on supplements that wouldn’t do anything for his particular candida. The only 2 that are effective (according to those tests) are Garlic and Uva-Ursi.

He is worried about these bacteria results and his Dysbiosis risk index shows he is in the severe category. He is only 27 and in perfect shape, but he is so extremely tired all the time. He also has psoriatic arthritis, which he bets these bacteria are the reason for that.

I too had a test done at the Great Smokies lab. My last stool test showed high levels of klebsiella, too. It could be a pathogen. My husband also had the test and didn’t have any klebsiella show up at all. Your troubles are the ones that are marked “I”. You need more bifidobacterium for that, and I had no growth on lactobacillus. So, both of us should be using probiotics! I had a kluyvera species show up on mine, which was imbalanced. That is a fungus.

For klebsiella treatment, the doctor put me on Uva-Ursi, two tablets a day for 2 months. It killed off the Staphylococcus I had on a previous test, so hopefully it will work for this bug, too.