Stomach Ulcer Diet

In case you doctor has suggested that you start keeping a stomach ulcer diet, you will fist freak out as the food you will be allowed to eat is quite boring. This is not something you got used to. There is a myth that people with stomach ulcer cannot enjoy food since they are allowed to eat tasteless cereals and porridge only. It is time to dispel such myths. Stomach ulcer diet can be enjoyable, and patients with this medical condition can eat really nice food without feeling any pains.

The point is that a special diet will make it possible to heal stomach ulcers. Moreover, you will certainly feel better than before. In case you are one of millions of people with this disease, then you should certainly learn what food you can consume to treat this illness and still enjoy normal life.

Lower Fat and Cholesterol Levels

Most stomach ulcer diets imply that you reject greasy and fried food or any fast food offers. Such foods are among the most flavored ones, and you should certainly avoid them. This is the most difficult part of a diet, but here you can make the most progress in treatment of stomach ulcer.

Nicotine and Caffeine Consumption

Consumption of alcohol and caffeine seems like a big problem for patients with stomach ulcer. These are rather social habits. Who does not drink sometimes after work? Who does not sip coffee on the way to office? The problem is that both alcohol and caffeine increase stomach acidity. Obviously, this will only aggravate the situation and stomach ulcer will further develop.

What Is Allowed?

Generally speaking, any healthy food is OK for patients with stomach ulcer. What is meant by healthy food? First and foremost, these are vegetables and fruits. Of course, everything should be in moderation. Even a pill can turn into poison when inappropriately consumed. But ulcer patient are always interested in something they are allowed to it. Moreover, they want this something to be tasty.

It has been found that omega-3 fatty acids decrease the risk of ulcer. These acids are contained in oily fish such as herring, sardines, salmon and mackerel. Omega-3 fatty acids improve production of prostaglandins that helps in protection of the alimentary canal lining (the whole digestive passage).

Vitamins and Minerals in Stomach Ulcer Diets

Effects of protective antioxidant can be very strong, especially if a patient strictly follows doctor’s recommendations. Antioxidants lower the risk of ulcer and easy symptoms for those who happen to have such medical conditions. For example, specialists in diets and nutritionists recommend consuming such fruit and vegetables as carrot, cabbage juice, apricots, kale, kiwi fruit as they contain vitamin C and beta-carotene which in its turn protects stomach lining. Besides, consumption of such food may have another positive effect – weight loss. To other “ulcer-friendly” products and foods specialists refer soybean oil, hazelnuts, seafood (which is rich in zinc), whole grains etc. Of course, any food should be consumed in moderate portions and in an appropriate time.