Stomach Ulcer Diet – Things You Can Do To Control An Ulcer

Let's take a look at a stomach ulcer diet you can use to help the pain you are in. A stomach ulcer is also called an gastric ulcer for a reason. It is a break in the stomach lining that allows digestive juices and acids to damage the tissues benefit the lining.

It can cause pain, vomiting, and bleeding. It may occur as a result of the body experiencing sensitive stress, for example, a spinal cord injury. A stomach ulcer is painful and if left untreated can become a serious detriment to your health and the lifestyle you lead on a daily basis.

Here are a few things you can do yourself to help yourself.

– Chew and swallow your food slower. This will make it easier to digest. In these fast times we all get in a hurry and this diet tip can make a big difference to your stomach ulcer.

– Do not overeat at any one time. Keep yourself feeling full by eating several times a day which will prevent overestating.

– Sit up while eating and for 1 hour afterwards. If you feel up to it take a short walk to keep your metabolism up.

– Try not to eat for 3 hours before you go to bed. Eating snacks before bedtime can cause gastric acid secret during the night as well.

– Include milk, meat, egg, cheese, and more protein in your diet at each meal and snack.

– Cut back on the amount of caffeine in your foods and drinks. Tomato products, chocolate, and citrus is hard on your ulcer and should be eliminated from your stomach ulcer diet.

– Milk and cream should not be used as antacid therapy. Although milk protein has an initial neutralizing effect on gastric acid, it is also a very potent stimulant. Hourly feedings of milk have been shown to produce a lower pH than three regular meals.

– Do not sit down and eat if you are feeling stressed and your ulcer is hyper. Be relaxed when you do eat.

– Antacids should be taken in the doses they are prescribe. This is usually one and 3 hours after meals and prior to bedtime. This will help keep the acidity of your stomach at the most stable and low level.

A proper stomach ulcer diet will help you control your ulcer and the discomfort that comes with it. As you can see these are simple things you can do to help yourself everyday.