Stomach Problems? – Avoid the Least Digestive Foods For Better Digestion!

If your having stomach problems, you may need to change your diet to incorporate the most digestive foods and to avoid the least digestive foods. In this article I will give the foods that are hardest to digest. Avoiding them should make a great improvement in your digestive comfort level.

Five Foods Hardest To Digest

Musical Fruit (Beans)

I have had stomach problems for years, but have been able to get everything under control through eating the right foods in the right way. However, there is one food that I still have to watch out for … beans.

Beans are very difficult to digest. Beans are one of the least digestive foods largely because it takes a certain kind of enzyme to break them down and most people do not have much of this enzyme to work with.

However, over the last year, I have slowly incorporated beans into my diet and have noticed that I do a lot better with them than I used to. But I still have to be careful.

The moral of the story … if you want to eat beans, start with very small amounts and gradually work up larger portions over a long period of time. Otherwise, you will pay with gas and pain.

Bread Products

You would think that bread would be one of the easiest foods to digest. After all, it's so soft and good. However, when you chew bread and swallow it, it turns into a hard ball. The big problem with bread is that it has no digestive enzymes like many other foods do. For instance, raw vegetables have natural enzymes built into them.

And if you have gluten intolerance, bread can really become the enemy of your digestive system. So try staying away from bread for a while and see if your stomach feels better as a result.

Milk Products

Milk, ice cream, and especially cheese can be very difficult on the digestive system. Cheese is the worst. It takes the average healthy person approximately five hours to digest cheese.

The problem with all milk products is that it has "lactose" and most people are lactose intolerant. Lactose is a milk sugar that exists in all natural milk products.

As you grow older (past your teems), you have a much more probability of being lactose intolerant. That's a terrible thing if you are like me and love your ice cream. I try to stay away from ice cream, but I do not always succeed. And when I do eat it, I pay for the next morning in the bathroom.

Fatty Meat Products

Meat is fairly hard to digest in the first place, but if you ad fat, it becomes extremely hard to digest. So if you are going to eat meat, go for the leaner cuts.

I love my meat, so I have to be careful with the fat. But I also love fish, which digests a lot easier than red meat. My only problem is that prefer my fish sauteed in extra virgin olive oil. At least olive oil is good for you, but too much can still be hard on the stomach.

If you have a compromised digestive system, avoiding the above hard-to-digest foods will be a wise choice.