Steps Taken by Water Restoration Companies After Water Damage From a House Fire


The water damage from a house fire can be quite extensive. Along with excess water in the house, the fire could also have ravaged through the plumbing and the ducting lines. If the house had a fire alarm system equipped with sprinklers, rooms and basements will be flooded with water. The restoration companies that deal with such a situation have to work extensively within the next 48-72 hours to completely remove the water and humidity from the premises.

If there is water damage from a house fire and owners fail to get any cleanup done, then there can be damage to the existing wall, ceiling, furniture and other functional equipment. Worse, mold and fungus can start growing. Mold is the blackish thing that can create worse problems for the homeowners. There are a number of water damage restoration companies that specialize in ensuring that the home is cosmetically and structurally safe after the water damage. Since time is of an essence, they utilize the 48-72 hour window to get the work done.

They will use specialized machines to extract the water from the premises after the damage from a house fire. Along with water extraction, they also use special chemicals and disinfectants to ensure that there is no onset of mold and mildew. They will also use high powered blowers and dehumidifiers to speed up the process of drying the walls, ceilings, floors and will also include the crawl spaces and the vents. They can also rectify the problem of plumbing in case there are broken water and sewage pipes, to stop the spread of contamination and bacteria / micro organisms. Homeowners should act fast and get the work done after there has been a house fire. Smoke from the fire and fire damage restoration is also done by many companies.