Steam Rooms and Health – Do They Affect Yeast Infections?


If you want to know the effect of steam rooms to the health on yeast infection then this article is for you. This article will discuss about the connection of yeast infections and steam rooms. This idea is based on an email from a reader. She has a couple of questions. She wants to know if sitting in a steam room or sauna affects yeast. She loves to go to the gym and enjoy sitting in the steam room or sauna three times a week. However, she does notice that after she has been in the steam room or sauna, her candidiasis acts up.

She also wants to start a yeast-free diet. She is wondering where on the internet that she can get the list.

If you have a similar situation as her, here is my opinion on it. For the yeast-free diet, you can go to the site of William G. Crook, who wrote The Yeast Syndrome (which is a really great book). The book has a very comprehensive diet plan. I’m sure it will do good for you.

Whenever you take hot, steamy showers for too long, if many of your symptoms start acting up, I speculate that maybe it is because your house has a lot of mold and it gets in the steam.

Also, if your tap water is chlorinated, the heat of a hot shower allows chlorine gas to be given off in small quantities. You inhale the chlorine while standing in hot shower. If you have an intolerance to handle chlorine which many in the candida/compromised immune system do, you will feel bad when you get out of a long hot shower. Get a good filter for shower head and you may solve your problems with hot showers.