Stealth Adapted Virus induced Mental Illness Contributing to Inner City Turmoil

Most commentators blame the social upheaval in Baltimore and other US cities on poverty, unemployment and unwarranted police oppression. The author has offered an alternative and much more troubling explanation. It is that the social deterioration is primarily a manifestation of the growing epidemic of mental illness. Social workers and other healthcare providers are increasingly encountering individuals who have lost the capacity for reasonable thinking and constructive social engagement. Many are apathetic to the extent of neglecting self-care, yet irritable and prone to mindless outbursts of criminal and antisocial behaviors. Normal brain function is generally not restored even when such individuals are under the care of psychiatrists and / or provided ample social services.

The author has attributed the epidemic of mental illness to virus infections. The viruses causing the brain damage are derived from regular viruses that have lost components normally targeted by the immune system. This immune evasion mechanism is referred to as "stealth adaptation." Public health authorities disregarded the earlier reports of stealth adapted viruses when they were told that some had originated from monkeys used to produce polio vaccines. The government tried to suppress research relating to vaccine contamination and more pointedly to the likelihood that testing of contaminated experimental polio vaccines in Africa led to HIV, the AIDS virus.

The epidemic of stealth adapted virus infections is not confined to inner cities. Increasingly, Americans from all socioeconomic groups are experiencing less than optimal brain function. Illnesses such as the chronic fatigue syndrome and the increasing sensitivity to cell phones are clearly indicative of brain damage. Of special concern, the government's indifference to the existence of stealth adapted viruses has neglected children infected during pregnancy. These infections explain autism and childhood learning and behavioral disorders.

Yet there is some reason for optimism. Although stealth adaptable viruses are not normally targeted by the cellular immune system, they can be suppressed through the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This pathway is related to a kinetic quality of the body's fluids resulting from absorption of a newly described environmental force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction). Consuming KELEA activated water is considered the most effective means of enhancing the ACE pathway. The healthy brain by itself may also act as an effective antenna for KELEA. Published articles on these topics are available on the Internet as are some video presentations on YouTube. An all out effort is needed to pursue this research in both the therapeutic and preventive endeavors.