Stay Focused at Your Desk – How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis!

Analysis Paralysis: This is a term used to describe what happens to almost everyone who is first starting out in an online business. We get so caught up in getting our business launched, learning how to do everything all at once that we feel like our head’s about to explode, and we don’t actually get anything productive done as a result! Here’s a simple plan to remember.

Make a Plan to Manage Your Time: All expert Marketers only work for about 4 hours max per day. Why? Because they have a set plan for the day, then they stick to it. Write out what you need to do for the day then stick to it not allowing any distractions.

Resist looking at and answering personal emails until you have done all your work!

What I do to avoid wasting time is, at the end of my work day (8am-12pm) I list the things I need to do the next day on a post it note then stick it to my computer screen. Then, in the morning it’s the first thing I see, I get it done before I do anything else, make out another list for the next day stick it to my computer screen, then enjoy the afternoon.

Try to stick to one subject and give your full attention to it, for example on one day do Social Media Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, Shoot a video etc… then the next day, work on your PPC campaign. This way you’re giving your full attention to one thing and not getting distracted. Simple! And you’ll find you actually get more done if you follow this clever little plan.