State of The Art Laser Hair Growth Treatments

There are many experts in this field who are using this method successfully to help their patient’s look and feel better about themselves.

Low light level lasers promote healing and has been found to treat hair loss and other scalp problems.

This therapy was developed in Europe and has since become very popular with hair specialists around the world.

How does the laser hair therapy work?

There are 3 cycles in which hair grow.

  • The first phase is called the “Anagen” which is the active  growth  phase
  • The second phase is called the “Catagen” which is the resting phase
  • The Third phase is called the “Telogen” which is the Shedding phase

By stimulating energy and increasing blood flow during the Catagen or Telogen phases, the laser promotes healthy hair follicles and that helps hair to grow during the Anagen  growth  phase.

Nutrients are passed through the follicles by the increase of blood flow. As the blood flow increases, it also gets rid of unwanted waste, which in turn helps to increase cellular activity and metabolism of the follicle.

Now the follicle can transform from a weakened state to a healthy state that can now produce gorgeous, thick hair.

What can I expect when I start using laser hair  growth  therapy.

Initially, there is usually some shedding of hair. This is and important phase so don’t give up since this is getting your scalp ready for the  new   growth  of healthy strong hair. This is what you actually want to happen!

How is the laser hair therapy it used?

Thankfully, Laser Hair  Growth  Treatments are not surgical and basically painless. Being consistent is crucial to the success of your hair  growth .

Usually, a handheld laser hair unit is easy to use ad used consistently will definitely give you results.

Also available are freestanding laser hair treatment units that cover the entire scalp, which are also very effective and convenient.

How Long Will It Take To Get Results?

Although not everyone is gets the same results at the same time, if you stay consistent with your treatment, you will begin to see some shedding within the first couple of weeks, as time goes on, you will feel that your hair feels stronger.

This happens within the first 8 weeks or so.

Next, you will begin to notice some areas of fuzz developing on your scalp and overall thickening of the existing hair. This happens after the first couple of months of consistency.

After about 12 weeks, you will definitely see  new   growth  of hair and your hair loss should be done. Although you will see an obvious change, don’t stop your laser hair treatments, you are not yet done. Some patients may take longer to see results but don’t give up, continue the laser hair therapy treatments and continue to see the results.

Since this is a gradual hair  growth , it will also look more natural to those who are used to seeing you on a daily basis. As the thickening and  growth  gradually appears, it won’t seem so drastic.

You can do some online searches for handheld or upright laser hair  growth  treatment units.

There are many on the market so take your time and make sure to check the companies return policy and guarantee.