Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate

As man is now become successful in inventing new machines for various purposes in his day-to-day life. Not only this, science has also delivered knowledge to man with the help of which man can step on to the moon. But with all this man has suffered in medical as new diseases are now being discovered. Some of them are not new and they are familiar to everyone. One such disease is the CANCER. One surely gets astonished listening its name and thinks that nothing is now in front of him/her accept death.

Cancer has different stages depending on the critical situation of the patient who is suffering from Cancer. This criterion depends on diagnosis of cancer. But we have up till now 4 stages of cancer i.e., one to 4. Let’s talk about survival rate in the stage 4 of cancer.

Survival rate is often complicated to calculate. Generally the health experts portray survival rate as expectancy of life. It means that if for survival rate of 65 percent in one year life means that if doctor do diagnosis depending on 100 particular patients suffering from cancer then 65 of them can live for one year. But no one can surely tell that what the minimal expectancy of this rate is.

Stage 4 cancer state is very much dangerous. In stage 4, the cancer spreading elements broaden their limit to remote organs of the human body. Researches have made on various types of stage-4 cancer and their survival rate. Let’s talk about a few of them based on five years of life:

1. Brain Cancer:
Stage-4 brain cancer is extremely dangerous. It generally has its network to the sensitive tissues of brain extending to the spinal cord. The researched survival rate for brain cancer in stage four is about 11 to 15 %.

2. Lung Cancer:
Stage 4 lung cancer is generally dangerous but not as much as if of brain. It is treatable. The researched survival rate for stage 4 lung cancer is about 45 to 49 or 50 %.

3. Liver Cancer:
It is also one of the very dangerous states of stage 4 cancer. Patients suffering from lever cancer have a survival rate of 30 to 40 % in a lifetime of five years as discussed above.

4. Breast Cancer:
Breast cancer is not as much dangerous as compared to other types and especially brain cancer. It is detectable in its very premature stages which is a plus point for the patients suffering from this cancer. Its survival rate is about 12 to 17 % in a life of five years.