Stage 2a Breast Cancer

Stage 2a breast cancer is just part of stage 2 breast cancer. In stage 2a breast cancer there are certain characteristics that distinguish it from stage 2b breast cancer. There are a few conditions of what defines stage 2a breast cancer. This small piece will cover those differentiations. In stage 2a breast cancer there can be either no tumor found in the breast but still cancer is found in the axillary lymph nodes. These are the nodes that are in the under arm or "arm pit." Also constituting stage 2a if there is a tumor but it is 2 centimeters or smaller and has spread to the axillary lymph nodes in the underarm. It is also stage 2a if there is a tumor but it is larger than 2 centimeters but below 5 centimeters and has not spread anywhere at all.

Stage 2a is a diverse form of breast cancer as you can see it can take many manifestations in terms of its' location and characteristics. If you feel overwhelmed having been diagnosed or know a loved who was diagnosed this feelings are typical. It is easy to learn about someone having cancer and then trying to learn as much as possible all at once-this happens. What is important to remember is that you should not feel overwhelmed or bad about the situation, try to approach it optimistically. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information given to you just try to organize it all on a pad and paper and get accustomed to it all. This is a good and healthy approach to take.

The survival rate of stage 2 breast cancer is quite high since it is still a relatively early form of the cancer. The individual who has been diagnosed with the cancer must seek treatment and begin it promptly though to keep it from progressing and becoming more life threatening. Seeking treatment is the easiest and smartest option you could possibly take so it is important to do this right away. Never hesitate to seek professional medical health in these situations.

Treating stage 2 breast cancer and more particularly stage 2a breast cancer can be done a number of ways. It will most likely involve a little bit of every method available. Treating the stage 2a breast cancer can involve surgery, radiation and chemotherapy or a combination of all three. The surgery would be used to remove the tumor and surround tissue as minimally invasive as possible. Radiation treatment would be used to damage the DNA of the cancer cells so they can not reproduce.

Chemotherapy would use anti-cancer drugs to interfere and stop cancer cells from reproducing and multiplying so rapidly. Many people often seek more holistic approaches as well and these can be used in cooperation with the above treatments. There are mind and spiritual treatments, nutritional adjustments, pain management and physical therapy to name a few.