St Lazarus Prayers and History

Saint Lazarus was born in Bethany and he had two sisters, Martha and Mary. Jesus was friends with Lazarus and visited often with his family. Saint Lazarus is known as the Patron Saint of the Poor and Sick by the Catholic Church.

The story of Saint Lazarus begins when he gets ill at the age of 30. At the age of 30 Lazarus contracted leprosy an illness that did not have a cure and died shortly after.

Leprosy is a disease that shows up as skin lesions. The lesions grow deeper and deeper and affect the nerve and organs. The word Leprosy comes from the Greek Language and it mean Fish Scales.


Both Mary and Martha Lazarus’s sisters send word to Jesus of Lazarus condition and hoped that he would come and visit. Jesus received word and started his journey to Lazarus. Once Jesus arrived Lazarus had passed away and had been buried for four days. Both Mary and Martha thought that it was too late because Lazarus had passed but Jesus went directly to his grave. When Jesus arrived at Lazarus grave he began to pray. Once he completed his prayer he stood up and said in a loud voice “Lazarus, Come Out!” and Lazarus emerged from his grave. Jesus had performed a resurrection and Lazarus was alive and walking. Both Jesus and Lazarus walked back to his home in the cloth Lazarus had been buried in. This became a testament to the miracles of Jesus.

The devotion and friendship that already existed from Lazarus to Jesus grew. As a faithful follower Lazarus became a prophet and a significant Christian that would have a strong impact with people everywhere he went. Lazarus went to live to the age of 60 and died and was buried Sarcophagus at Kition. His tomb was transferred to Constantinople where is tomb reads “The Four Day Lazarus, Friend of Christ”


In the Catholic tradition all saints are depicted in statues and Saint Lazarus is no different. The statue for Saint Lazarus is usually depicted as a poor man in crutches with dogs around him. His clothing will be minimal and usually in the color purple. Saint Lazarus Feast Day or the day of observation for Saint Lazarus is December 17th. Both od Saint Lazarus sisters are recognized as saints in their own right. Saint Martha is considered the patron Saint of Servants and Cooks. The day of observance or Feast Day for Saint Martha is July 29th. Saint Mary’s feast Day or Day of Observance is July 22nd.

The Catholic Church invokes sick people and people with AIDS to Saint Lazarus for prayer and hope. Prayer to Saint Lazarus can be in a form of a Novena, Rosary Prayers or a specific prayer taken from the bible. Catholic traditions involves presenting the saint of devotion with flowers and candles as well will you invoke them.



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