Sprained Wrist Treatment – Keep Things in Working Order With Wrist Exercises

When the average gym rat is going through his routine of body building exercises, toning up the wrists is not a priority and probably not a concern at all.

Injury to the hands and wrists are common because of how much and the ways in which we use them. Thus, developing more strength in this area could only be beneficial. Don’t worry. We are not suggesting that you forego working on the triceps or gluts to delve into a new workout routine.

The wrist is more complicated than most people imagine. Several tendons (nine to be exact) pass through the carpal tunnel region of the wrist. These tendons are responsible for the flexibility of all five fingers. They allow the various enter and outer joints of the digits to bend.

With body parts or pieces of machinery, maintenance is important to keeping things in good working order. Tendons are no exception, so exercise is important. When we talk about working out the tendons, we are not suggesting increasing size or even strengthening, but rather reducing congestion and improving flexibility and motion.

Wrist Exercises/Stretches:

1) Fold over the finger so that they are touching the top of the palm.

2) Curl the fingers such that they are touching the center of the inside of the hand.

3) Reach down to the beginning of the palm with the fingers.

4) With the hand in the “thumbs-up” position (four fingers closed and touching palm and the thumb extended), reach across the palm and finger and touch the tip of the thumb to the bottom of the pinkie.

As promised, these maneuvers do not take much time and can be done most anywhere. This means you don’t have to worry about taking time from your already established work-out routine. Be sure to perform the exercises slowly and at comfortable intervals.