Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a major concern for all sports teams. No team wants any of its players to be injured. The team will suffer because its talent will not be able to play and contribute to the team’s success. Moreover, an injured players will cost a team because of the medical care and attention that she or he required. Moreover, even no athlete wants to be injured. An inured athlete is basically useless: she or he cannot contribute to the team and cannot even practice.

Sports injuries can occur to athletes of all levels, from elementary school children to professionals. Many sports injuries are common. Sprained ankles, for example, affect many athletes. The more athletes have to run, the more stress their ankles experience. For example, after 4 quarters of almost continuous running, a basketball player’s chances of spraining her or his ankle increase dramatically. Or, when a basketball player jumps for a shot and lands, her or his ankle may get sprained because the player lands too hard.

Another common injury that athletes sustain is broken bones. After running for years, or getting hit continuously, as football players do, the body starts to wear down. The bones, after absorbing lots of force, begin to crack little by little. As a result, basketball players, whose knees get pounded, or football or hockey players, whose entire bodies get pounded, are likely to break bones.

Back injury or strain is another major sports injury. The spinal column is an integral body part when it comes to sports, as the spinal column is connected to other bodily movements and thus it also takes a lot of strain when athletes’ play exerts force on other body parts.

These sports injuries are among the more common sports injuries. They occur rather regularly and can be treated efficiently. There are other sports injuries, however, that are more serious and more dangerous that these. One such sports injury is the concussion. Concussions are injuries that affect the brain and are caused when an athlete’s head gets hit. Concussions usually occur to football and soccer players because their heads get hit. Football players tackle one another and soccer players often hit the soccer ball with their head. Additionally hockey players often experience concussions after they body check each other. Another serious sports injury is fractured collar bone. The collar bone is a very delicate bone, and it can tolerate any excessive force well.