Sport Bottles Linked to Lip Wrinkles


For years, the lip wrinkles around the lips were referred to as "smokers lines," and smoking was, indeed, a major cause of premature lip wrinkles. Over exposure to the sun is also a well-known factor contributing to facial aging. But today another surprising potential cause of facial lip lines was identified: sport water bottles. In a recent article published by the online site, The Inquistr, they reported that habitual drinking from water bottles contributed to premature wrinkles. Anytime you have repetitive motives, such as pursuing your lips to smoke, wrinkles may become more pronounced. Drinking out of the popular sport-top closure water bottles causes the drinker to purse their lips repeatedly. While staying hydrated during physical activity and exercise is really important, the repetitive motion has the potential for creating lip wrinkles as due an unwelcome side effect.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more than a million patients turned to artificial filler injectables to erase facial wrinkles. The use of fillers are ranked second only to Botox® for all non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in 2012. Fillers represent a 20% uptick in patients having synthetic injectables.

Let's talk about possible solutions to minimizeize lip wrinkles. Sometimes the easiest way to avoid premature lip wrinkles from water bottles is to choose an alternative water spout or bottle design that does not require pursing your lips to get a drink. Secondly, artificial fillers offer a temporary fix to minimizeize wrinkles. However, I am recommending that my patients consider fat grafting injections. In the past several years, amazing results have made headlines in the regenerative medicine application for cosmetic plastic surgery. During a recent scientific conference that I attended in Berlin, The International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery presented an overwhelming demonstration of the effectiveness of adipose stromal cells (fat) in the fat grafting procedures.

Natural fat graft transfer is changing the practice of cosmetic medicine. Simply stated, your own fat is liposuctioned from one area and then skillfully injected and sculpted into another area. Autologous fat grafting or lipo-fat grafting offers a natural and permanent solution for a host of problems, including lip wrinkles. Patient benefits for this new technique include having the procedure clinic-based, using your own natural fat cells and having a reliably quick recovery period. It is an exciting new option for patients to consider. I find that my patients appreciate having a natural alternative to fix lip wrinkles and especially enjoy the option of having a little liposuction help to contribute to looking younger.