Spiritual Fasting With Diabetes


There seems to be a new move of God in the Body of Christ and a growing hunger for a deeper and more powerful relationship with Christ. Even as I write this article, thousands of men and women across North America and around the world are turning to prayer and fasting as they seek God and His wisdom for their lives.

But can you fast if you have diabetes? That’s a question I am asked regularly on the Daniel Fast Blog that I started on WordPress in December 2007. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” In fact, many have reported back to me that they were healed of their Type 2 diabetes as a result of changing their eating habits while on the Daniel Fast. The Daniel Fast is a partial fast, typically practiced for 21 consecutive days (you can learn more about the Daniel Fast by following the links at the end of this article).

I always encourage people with diabetes to contact their health professional before engaging in any fast. Depending on the severity of the infirmity, usually only slight adjustments must be made to the Daniel Fast Food List if any at all. The Daniel Fast is actually a very healthy way of eating and therefore almost always results in improved health for the individual, along with a deepened relationship with God.

I also stress to readers that fasting isn’t necessarily about the foods you eat or don’t eat. Rather, it’s about your heart and that you are engaging in a spiritual fast to draw closer to the Lord. God tests your heart, so if you need to eat extra protein or consume more calories for health issues, then you can still fast successfully.

On the other hand, if you hear yourself saying, “I just can’t give up coffee,” and then adjust the fast so you can still have your morning java…then that attitude in your heart won’t necessarily bring you successful fasting results.

Spiritual fasting is denying the body food for a spiritual purpose. It should never harm the body, but rather provide health to your body, your soul and your spirit.

If you have diabetes, I encourage you to learn more about the Daniel Fast by visiting the Daniel Fast Blog. There you will find just about everything you need for a successful spiritual fast that will increase your faith and bring you into a deeper and more abiding relationship with Christ.