Spinal Injuries – How Can You Be Affected?

Spinal injures can be received whilst playing sports, in traffic accidents or even as the result of a criminal assault. However, while serious spinal injury is not a commonplace event, the reality is a spinal injury can be received at any point during your life, when you are doing anything, even normal low-risk activities.

Spinal injuries at work can include injuries as a result of falls or from heavy lifting. What's more the type of damage that you receive can mean that you could need rehabilitation, housing adaption and help purchasing vehicles. For example Alan, 53, fell from a ladder whilst cleaning windows at work. He received damage to the spine as well as head injuries. As a result he needs specialist care and rehabilitation in order to get him back on his feet.

Sporting accidents can also result in varying degrees of spinal injury. As long you have been mindful of the correct safety measures and precautions then the damage can often be the fault of the gym or sports club. In such circumstance you will be able to receive compensation and help with specialist rehabilitation costs. This highlights another important consideration and that is the need for specialist spinal injury lawyers if you wish to make a compensation claim.

Another major cause of spinal injury is road traffic accidents, where you are either in a vehicle, or as a pedestrian. In fact road traffic accidents are the main cause of spinal damage. Road traffic accidents include being hit by a car, either as a pedestrian, as a car driver, or when on a motorcycle. Once again a specialist lawyer, with expertise in the type of spinal injury received as well as the legal issues surrounding such an accident, is a must. For example, a car hit Tom, a motorcyclist, when it attempted to turn right in a junction. As a result he suffered a serious spinal injury that affected all four of his limbs. Due to the severity of the injury he was in hospital for 7 months, in a special spinal unit, until his condition stabilised.

Another big cause of spinal injury, and one that has to mentioned, is injury as the result of an attack, or other criminal activity. Regrettably a spinal injury from an attack is likely to leave the victim with more than physical damage: mental and emotional trauma is often common as well. In such an instance it is important to make sure that you have the appropriate legal representation, with a company that understands the type of spinal injury you have received and the long-term emotional affects.

As you can see spinal injury can affect you in a number of ways and requires specialist medical treatment and aftercare. A specialist spine injury lawyer will be dedicated to providing you with help and advice should you or a family member suffer from such an injury. What's more a spine injury lawyer will provide the expertise and experience you need in making a claim for a level of compensation appropriate to both the physical and emotional impact of the injury.