Spinal Cord Injury in Infants

The central nervous system is probably the most important if not one of the most important organ systems in the body. No wonder medical professionals are incredibly concerned when a new-born baby becomes a victim to a spinal cord or brain injury. Though these forms of injury are rare, they do occur, sometimes with fatal outcomes.

Central nervous system injuries are classified as neural tube defects and develop within the first few weeks of pregnancy. Mothers often do not even know that they are pregnant when these issues develop. The severity of injury ranges and sometimes causes visible abnormalities in the head or back.

Specifically with brain damage, mild to severe disabilities may develop. These include mental retardation, seizures and paralysis. This kind of can be incredibly stressful especially for young families. Spinal injury leads to paralysis, incontinence, and a loss of sensation in area below to affected regions. Sometimes the abnormalities result in only mild symptoms and complications.

Modern technology like Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has allowed doctors to view pictures of internal organs and determine exactly what the problem might be, thus giving them an ability to complete a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis. This technology also allows doctors to develop a better strategy for treatment.

Treatment can come in many forms ranging from therapy to surgery. In some cases, surgery restores functionality and prevents further complications, even if the disability is permanent. Depending on the severity of the injury, individuals may have a better chance at near-normal childhood development.

Nervous system injuries are characterized by improper development of the brain or spinal cord. Babies that make it to birth sometimes do not have the proper amount or level of brain tissue. In some cases, the condition only affects the bone. These particular cases do not constitute severe disability. However, there are other cases, where tissues in the brain or spine are greatly affected. The bone may not close properly and tissues in the spine become exposed and damaged.

Central Nervous system injury is very serious. Sometimes these injuries can be prevented. Doctors who are over worked coupled with a hospital facility that is understaffed exacerbate already dire conditions, when there are pregnancy complications.

If this is the case with you, it may be beneficial to protect yourself by choosing a medical team that you can trust and also exploring legal options. For more information on birth injury, visit www.birth-injurylawyers.com.