Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injury (SCI) occurs when a traumatic event causes damage to the spinal cord, hindering the relay of nerve messages throughout your body. Different types of SCI are contusions, the bruising of spinal cord; compression, caused by pressure to the spinal cord; lacerations, tearing of the nerve fibers; central cord syndrome, a damage specific to the corticospinal tract, the cervical region in the spinal cord. Effects of SCI are paralysis, where you lose control of voluntary movements; loss or slowing of reflexes including problems in breathing and control of bowel and bladder functions; and sexual dysfunction.

Leading causes of SCI are vehicular accidents, workplace accidents, diving accidents, electric shocks, bullet or stab wounds, falls and sports injuries. Only 40 percent of the people who suffer paraplegia are able to return to work, and only 30 percent of quadriplegia victims resume normal duties. Aside from the traumatic pain and suffering that results from SCI, it can also cause financial problems.

A SCI attorney can evaluate the injury and differentiate it from a neck and back injury. Your attorney will discuss the events that took place and present you with all the available options you have. Your SCI attorney can help you investigate the liable party and the event that caused such an injury.

It will be your attorney? S primary objective to seek damages. These are the following: the lost wages for each day you are unable to report to work, financial liability for the medical bills and the legal bills you have to pay your lawyer. You can claim all of these through your attorney as compensation for your injury. It does not matter if another person is liable to pay damages or if an insurance company should cover for your expenses. What is important is that you are compensated accordingly.