Sperm Test – What Are The Frequently Asked Questions?

A doctor usually recommends a sperm test to be carried out when a couple faces some troubles with fertility. It is carried out to check if the sperm cells are present or not after the vasectomy procedure. We all know that fertility issues are more prominent in males as compared to females but the cost of getting this test done is quite cheaper compared to a woman’s fertility test. This is the main reason why health professionals would usually advise couples to check the male partner’s fertility first. There are a number of men who aren’t really comfortable while asking questions about this test. They usually get embarrassed when such a topic comes up.

If you have any questions in regard to this test, then this article is tailor made for you. It will offer you some great frequently asked questions that will help you in undergoing this test with absolutely no fear.

What quantity of semen is required for the sperm test?

The health clinic would usually need a man to offer around one half to a teaspoonful of semen. If you offer less than this amount of quantity then it means that there are few sperm on it. If there is more semen then it means that the concentration is diluted.

What about the special preparations required for getting a sample?

It is quite essential for a male to offer the right amount of sample. This is why if you are needed to have a sperm test on a specific date, make sure that you don’t ejaculate for about 2 to 4 days before the date.

What are the common symptoms that are considered in the sperm sample?

First of all, the doctors check the number of sperm cells that are found in your semen. It is observed whether they are normal sized or not. It is an important consideration for determining fertility.

What are the causes of low motility of living sperm cells?

Genital inflammation or infection of the prostate gland can cause a lot of problems for you and one of them is low motility. This sperm test allows you to get a complete picture regarding your issue.

How is the sample collected?

Your semen sample is usually tested within 1 hour after ejaculation. Most of the laboratories need men to do it on the bathroom in order to ensure the freshness. Sometimes, the doctor offers a condom for collecting semen. They usually offer a lubricated condom.

So, this was all about the frequently asked questions in regard to a sperm test. You need to read all these questions and answers if you want to know more about this test. However, for a more detailed view you can talk to your doctor carefully and ask him everything about the test. Without proper help and guidance, you should never go for this test as it is a very complex procedure. Internet too is a great source for information on this topic. If you have any queries then you can surf the net.