Speedy Speaker? Tips to Talk Slower


Rapid speakers often report they want to slow down. They usually know when they are not understood, and find it frustrating. The problem is they do not know how to speak slower.

People speak quickly for many reasons. Some do it because of their community’s culture, while others do it to convey their message while someone important to them is still listening.

Sometimes a rapid rate of speech is the first sign of a neurological disorder, such as Parkinson’s Disease, a psychological impairment, a medication’s side effect, or another impairment. If the suggestions below are not effective, or there are other symptoms, readers should consider contacting their physician.

Practice speaking at a very slow pace while tapping your foot. Start by describing the room you are in, one word per tap of your foot. Change the topic to one you are slightly more interested in, and then finally try talking about your family. your work or your favorite hobby. The more interesting the topic is to you, the harder it is to remember to slow down your rate.

Remember as you speak that people need to be able to understand you clearly. If you talk too fast, your message will not be understood. When speaking about technical subjects to listeners in another field, speak a little slower to let them think about what you discuss.

If you speak very fast when giving a speech, try slowing down by opening your mouth a little more as you speak.Practice your speech many times, as well, so you can relax while giving the presentation. This will allow you to look at the audience, so you can see whether the audience understood your message.

Slowing down your rate requires time, and having a peer signal you when you are speaking too fast will help.Your reward will be knowing that your message will be understood easily by others!