Speech For a Wedding – How to Write a Great One


If you've recently been chosen to be best man at your friend's wedding, congratulations. That's a huge honor. Now you've got your work cut out for you. As best man, you've got to write a speech for wedding.

Wow, a speech! Do you like writing speeches? Do you know how? These are things you should probably start thinking about, and sooner rather than later. Do not leave it all to the last minute so you're left with no other option but to start telling stories about past debauchery adventures with the groom, unless you like the feeling of standing in front of a huge group-cringe.

There are things that a speech for wedding should be and things it should not be. It should not be mean, for example. You are expected to speak in celebration of your friends' union; you are not there to roast anyone. You'll probably be bald too someday.

A good best man speech for wedding is at once appropriate (stop and think), genuine, and witty. You do not have to exhaust yourself; it does not have to be elegant, exactly, just from the heart. And if it's humorous and endearing, then these two are only bonuses. Bottom line, the most important thing is to give a speech that's both authentic and warm.

If you'd like more help on the subject, you can do a little research. Library books on speech writing may be helpful, but you're more likely to find further information online, including a speech writing workbook designed specifically for best men (the Classic Best Man Speech workbook ).

Do not let the task of writing a speech for wedding overwhelm you. Take it step by step and you will not offend anyone.