Sore Throat Symptoms

Sore throat symptoms are not hard to pin point. They come with other problems as well. You will notice that you have a running nose. This means that you have a cold. Coughing can aggravate the sore throat if the cough is dry. One of the most outstanding symptoms is the itchy or painful feeling that you get on your throat. You feel like your throat has wounds. It becomes painful to swallow and you can see that you are swollen around the neck. You can feel the swelling if you touch around this area. Your body temperature is likely to go up more than usual. This can make you feel feverish. There are some over the counter drugs such as paracetamol that will relieve you from this. If possible, use a thermometer to ascertain that your temperature has actually gone up. This is a pointer that you require treatment for your sore throat.

If the problem persists on for the next two weeks, you have to know that the sore throat needs some professional treatment. There could be an underlying problem. You should know that the kind of symptoms that you experience is determined by the cause of the sore throat. In a case where you have an allergic reaction, your nose might be blocked as well. You have to know what is causing you the reaction. The causes are many and they include the type of foods that you are eating as well the choice of mouth care products’ that you buy.

The problem you feel in swallowing food is due to the inflaming of the throat. It becomes swollen and constricted. You feel like you are struggling to get the food down your throat. You should go for easy foods that are not hard. When you feed the young ones and they refuse to eat for no apparent reason, you should have a doctor examine their throats. A baby who has a sore throat will neither breast feed nor eat. If you have a dry feeling in your throat that is not ordinary thirst, you should consider seeing a doctor. As a precaution, do no not yield to the temptation to drink a very cold drink. You should make sure that you take something warm. It would help to reduce the intensity of the symptoms.

Your voice will begin to diminish. This kind of a sore throat can be caused by shouting and straining your voice beyond limit. When you to go sports ground, no matter how supportive you are to your team, you have to make sure that you do not cheer too loudly. This can result to a painful sore throat accompanied by loss of voice. The voice feels raspy and you can hardly communicate. You should avoid conversations in noisy areas as well. If you will feel a metallic taste in your mouth, this means that you have a throat infection. Doctors say that there is a lot of mucus in you throat that accumulates and as a result you get this awkward taste in your mouth.