Sore Throat Prevention and Cure With Natural Remedies

What are some symptoms and how long does it last?

A sore throat can last between three to seven days for most people. Most people will have no difficulty in identifying when a throat is sore. Symptoms include:

  • Pain – It can vary from annoying to severe pain even when swallowing saliva. The pain can feel like it is spread out over the entire back of the throat or just on one spot or even one side.
  • Scratchy feeling – A discomfort that can be felt when you swallow food.
  • Feeling of dryness – Although not painful, it feels like your throat is dry, like from dehydration.
  • A lump in the throat

Since most cases are caused by a virus, people may also experience an ear ache, a swollen glands, post nasal drip, mild fever or a cough.

What are some of the best home remedies for treating a sore throat?

Here is a list of home remedies that would help with providing relief for a sore throat

  • Drink water. Lot of it. We recommend 8 glasses (240 mL) daily.
  • Make a lukewarm salt water gargle and rinse several times daily.
  • Rest will allow your body to repair itself.
  • Use a humidifier to add moisture to the room.
  • Stop smoking. Tobacco smoke is irritating to the throat.
  • Avoid spicy food and eat light nutritious meals
  • Avoid deep-fried foods as they are known to irritate the throat further.

What can I do to prevent a sore throat?

Avoiding the germs and keeping your body at maximum health is one of the best way to prevent getting a sore throat from the cold and flu virus.

Wash hands often to avoid spreading the virus or bacteria. Use your own kitchen utensil such as forks and knives. Keep a suitable distance from those who have signs and symptoms of the cold or flu. Keep your immune system and body at top shape by getting enough rest. Quit smoking Eat nutritious meals consisting of fruits and vegetables.

Top five natural remedies that are recommended for treating a sore throat.

There are many natural remedies you can use to treat a sore throat. The top five would be zinc lozenges, echinacea, vitamin C, sage mouthwash and slippery elm lozenges.

Zinc Lozenge – Zinc lozenges have been shown in scientific studies to give relief from a scratchy and sore throat from the cold virus.

Echinacea – This herb is known to boost the immune system to allow our body to fight off the germs better. Studies show that it shortens the infection and allow your body to recover faster.

Vitamin C – This essential vitamin is very well known for preventing and curing the common cold. Vitamin C is also needed for maintaining the health of the skin and is useful for treating a sore throat.

Sage – Mouthwash containing sage is effective for treating a sore throat. It is used in Europe extensively to treat mouth and throat irritation and discomfort.

Slippery Elm – Lozenges containing slippery elm helps by soothing and protecting it.