Sore Throat Medicine

I think the best  sore   throat  medicine is tea. Tea comes in a variety of flavors and it help your  sore   throat  a great deal if you drink it often. Every time I would get a  throat  that is  sore , especially during the winter months, I would drink some tea and, within a couple of days, it would feel better. I know how much of a burden a  sore   throat  can be because it’s difficult to swallow so that makes it harder to eat foods.

If you don’t like tea there are many different substitutes for it that are effective for  sore   throats . You can try an apple cider vinegar gargle. Mix it with warm water and there you go. After you gargle the apple cider vinegar use a warm compress and place it on your throat. If you don’t know where or how to find apple cider vinegar try a lemon gargle. Lemon is also easier to find and most people keep some of it in their homes. When I didn’t have any tea I used the lemon gargle instead and it did help relieve some of the discomfort.

When I had a  sore   throat  as a kid my mom would give me tea to drink and that is why I drink tea on occasion even when I don’t have a  sore   throat . Sometimes the old traditional methods and cure for ailments are the best and they are passed down from generation to generation. When my kids get a  sore   throat  their  sore   throat  medicine will be plenty of tea.