Sore Throat – Four Home Remedies to Ease Your Pain

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known for its effectiveness against a sore throat and its usefulness as a home remedy in general. Like most of the other remedies, simply take 2-3 spoonfuls and mix them with water. Then gargle the remedy as needed. You will notice improvements instantly.

Yellow Mustard

There is has been claims reported that some people have had their sore throat healed by eating a spoonful of mustard every 2 hours as needed. If your sore throats are as bad as mine this would not hurt to try!

“Coating” the Throat

The most common home remedy for a sore throat has been the principal of “coating” the throat. It is a lot simpler then it sounds to do. Take a stick of butter, margarine, etc and melt it into liquid form. What you do then is add a tiny amount of water and mix it with the butter. Then gargle the remedy for a bit and slowly swallow it. It may not be the best tasting thing to swallow but its effective.

This also works with buttermilk but you wouldn’t need the water if you were doing it with butter milk.

Make sure to do this every couple of hours or so.


If you like to use mouthwash after brushing your teeth then you should have some Listerine in your house. For some people deeply gargling Listerine has helped them ease there sore throat issues. Careful not to swallow the Listerine! This definitely the simplest of all the home remedy if you have Listerine lying around!