Sore Throat Could Be Deadly

Sore throat though occurs most commonly in children than in adults can be a threat to your life sometimes. It can get real bad that it might even block your air passage. Sore throat is the inflammation of the mucous membrane in the pharynx. The inflammation may be due to either bacterial or viral infections. These infections can get so bad that you might find it hard to swallow even a drop of water. This infection is more prevalent during the winter season.

Though, sore throat is most common among children but it occurs among adult as well. Recently, Szokan, the Washington post editor, battled for life because of sore throat. She had been a victim of epiglottises, a very common inflammation among children. This is one such case of sore throat which is commonly referred to as staph or strep throat. What usually happen in such a case is that the epiglottis gets swollen and blocks the air way. This is one such disease which requires immediate attention.

Earlier the victims of this disease were usually children below 5 years of age whose wind pipes are relatively narrow. But these days’ adults tend to be the victim of this disease. One very famous example is that of George Washington death’s who is believed to have died because of sore throat. However, this type of inflammation is very rare to occur. The more common types of inflammation that occurs are due to viral and bacterial infections. Sore throat as such can de divided into two categories namely, acute and chronic.

Of the two types of sore throat, chronic is more intense and they occur for a longer period as compared to the acute sore throat which last for about 3-4 days. The bacterial and viral infections are generally categorized under the chronic sore throat. However, be it acute or chronic, the symptoms of sore throat are almost similar. The only difference is, in a chronic sore throat it needs immediate attention if it is due to bacterial infections as it can be deadly.

The exact cause of chronic sore throat is still not known that is why it has been given the name chronic. However, if the infection is detected in time it is not impossible to cure.