Sore Throat Causes and Sore Throat Remedies

Sore throat remedies are of major concern these days as sore throat has become very common. A sore throat makes you feel irritated, not able to concentrate on work and making you ill. It is basically caused by viral and bacterial infections. It becomes unmanageable when it is combined with cold and fever.

Sometimes it is cured by own within four to five days and other option is medication. Medication should be done at extreme stage as one should build up immunity to fight this disease. Natural Things present in the kitchen can also serve as sore throat remedies and it is far better than medication. As with medication, problem is cured for some time and it will surely come out after some time. So it’s better to build up your immune system to get hold of this disease.

It’s Causes:

• Viral and Bacterial infection

• Tonsil Infection

• Allergy.

• Inhaling dry air through mouth. This very common while sleeping. If mouth is kept open during sleeping, then the throat becomes dry.

• Smoking can also a reason of this problem.

Natural sore throat remedies:

As we discussed above natural sore remedies are best treatment for it. With sore throat it becomes hard to talk and swallow food, severe pain in the throat and if the problem persists for a long time it can lead to swollen lymph nodes. Below are some sore throat remedies which can be done at home:

• Gargling with lukewarm water five or six times in a day.

• The most fast and active method is gargling with salt water. It draws water out of mucous membranes in the throat and act as antiseptic. A pinch of salt in lukewarm water is good enough to begin with.

• Honey is considered as best remedy to cure many diseases and is widely used to cure this problem also. A spoon of honey in lukewarm water when taken in the morning would benefit a lot and honey can be added in tea or can be taken as it is if suffering from throat diseases.

• Enhancement of immune system- Sore throat is mainly caused with the change of season. Proper nutrition and supplements of vitamins and minerals should be taken to boost the immune system.

• Adding moisture to your room through humidifier during night can also be done as it will add moisture to the dry air.

• Garlic has both antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It can also be taken in dried form.

Smoking is also the one of the cause of sore throat. Most of the smokers suffer from this disease. Quit smoking at first if irritation is observed in the throat. If sore throat stays for a long time or it is very painful, in such case it is advisable to consult doctor at the earliest.