Sore Throat Caused by Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a condition wherein the partially digested food in the stomach (more specifically the acid that it produces) travels back into the esophagus or throat. To properly explain the perfunctory layout of the disorder, the body’s digestive system has a circular band of muscle that is called the “lower esophageal sphincter”. This circular muscle divides the esophagus from the stomach; as the food reaches the stomach, this muscle seals off to prevent the partially digested food from traveling back to the throat. However, in the event that this circular muscle is rendered useless, the contents of the stomach will eventually regurgitate or travel back to the esophagus.

The partially digested food that travels back in to the esophagus will eventually contain digestive acids, and because of the acidic composition of the partially digested foods, inflammation will then develop in the lining of the esophagus and thus will eventually lead to sore throat. Sore throat is one of the most common symptoms of acid reflux.

Sore throats are mostly associated with other symptoms and occasionally are uncommon. Like for example, the presence of pus on the surface of the tonsil or excessive drooling and spitting. Also, those who have sore throat will experience breathing difficulties because of the narrowing of the larynx or pharynx. Sore throats are also associated with pains or stinging of the throat, and if left untreated will lead to heart disorder. Treatments can be done at homes. The most effective way is by gargling with warm water mixed with a sufficient amount of table salt. Drinking lots of water is essential in treating sore throats. Moreover, extra sleep encourages faster healing of the disorder. Popsicle and other types of cold drinks are also good for dilemma. The aches and pains of sore throats can also be soothed by humidifiers and vaporizers. One alternative remedy for sore throats is by sucking solid candies. Sucking candies will promote the production of saliva and saliva contains bicarbonates that will remove the acids that may have remained in the throat.

On the other hand, if home treatments and alternative remedies do not ease the condition, there are medical treatments available in the market. Taking medications is highly recommended, especially those who experience breathing difficulties, dehydration and severe pain. Most throat doctors would recommend taking antibiotics if the viral or bacterial infections of the throat have developed further. Taking antibiotics will also prevent rheumatic fever, although this sort of condition is not common. Taking corticosteroids can also sooth critical sore throat conditions, because of its anti inflammatory effects.

There are numerous ways to prevent and remedy acid reflux and sore throats. A very practical and immediate way of preventing acid reflux is by way of gravity. Upright positions tend to hold the partially digested food down. Gravity also helps prevent regurgitation (the traveling of the partially digested foods in the stomach back to the esophagus).

Proper and healthy diet must also be observed in treating acid reflux. Acid refluxes mostly occur after eating. It is advised that dinners must be taken in small quantities and earlier than usual, in order for the stomach to be emptied in a shorter period. Lastly, those who have acid reflux have less chance of regurgitating if they lay down. Medications are readily available in the drugstores. There are some medications that remove the stomach acids and block the production of acid in the stomach by managing the actions of histamine.