Sore Pimples – 5 Step Method For How to Get Rid of Sore Pimples

Occasionally we all get those honking huge pimples on our foreheads the night before a big day.

This article will talk about how to get rid of sore pimples like that. This is not recommended for mild to severe acne, but can quickly take care of a problem pimple.

Before you pop that zit…

You need to prepare it so it’s ready to be popped and it won’t get infected or become worse later. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve prematurely popped a sore pimple only to regret it because it lingered for many more days and sometimes even came back worse.

Things you need…

Are a sewing needle (smaller and thinner is better), rubbing alcohol, a band aid, and warm water.

Step One

Clean your face. Use antibacterial face wash to ensure you kill excess bacteria. Wash your hands too so you’re free of germs. If your hair is in the way, pull it back or clip it off to the side (hair is oily).

Step Two

Pour some of the alcohol into the bottle top and spin the needle around in it to make sure it completely covers the tip of the needle. This will sterilize it so germs can’t get into the pimple after you pop it.

You should also put some alcohol on the pimple itself and the skin around it to keep out germs (like doctors do when they give you a shot).

Step Three

Pop the whitehead with the needle. If there’s no whitehead you can take a tea bag and douse it in warm water and rub that on the pimple for a few minutes to bring it to a head.

Step Four

Gently squeeze the skin near the pimple in order to clean all the oily puss out of the pimple. Again, make sure your hands are clean! Don’t directly touch any sore pimples with your fingers.

Do this until blood or clear liquid starts to come out. This means all the germy puss is gone.

Step Five

Finally, put some alcohol on gauze or a tissue and clean the pimple again. Now cover it with the band aid This will allow sore pimples to heal up within a day or two.

Remember to only use this on occasional pimples, not bad acne. If you suffer with more harsh acne, or have frequent sore pimples, then you might want to look into a more permanent natural acne removal method.