Sore Corners of the Mouth Remedies – 4 Tips to Ease the Pain

If you are experiencing sore corners of the mouth, there are a number of simple tips you can try right away to help you ease the pain. If this is a one-off episode, then it may well heal without formal treatment. If, however, the condition has lasted for more than 3 days or is recurrent, it is possible that you have the common condition known as Angular Chelitis.

Angular Chelitis is a fungal infection caused primarily by the corners of the mouth becoming sore due to dampness of the skin. The reasons for this can be various, but could include such factors as ill-fitting dentures, pen sucking, fingernail biting or even a vitamin deficiency. The warmth and dampness in the tiny crevices become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and once this takes hold, the infection becomes fungal in nature and manifests itself by causing sore corners of the mouth which can either be dry and cracking or scabbed over.

Four Tips To Ease The Pain

* Use a thick unscented lip balm. Flavored varieties encourage licking which can make matters worse

* Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep the tissues hydrated. Sipping warm water or warm decaffeinated drinks can help to quickly hydrate the tissues by dilating the blood vessels and increase moisture to the tissues

* Use a humidifier around the home. Often, a dry atmosphere can make this condition worse and even trigger it off in susceptible individuals

* In extremes of temperature, always protect your lips. Sore corners of the mouth can be caused by both heat and cold. In winter, wrap a scarf around your neck and lower part of your face. In summer, never forget to slick a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your lips or a proprietary sun lipscreen.

If you have had sore corners of the mouth for more than three days, you should consider using a tried and tested remedy which is guaranteed to work. Having pain around the lip area is particularly painful as each time you eat, drink or speak you are aggravating the cracks worse, causing severe pain.