Sore and Red Penis – What Causes It and What Helps

Men of all ages are susceptible to red penis and soreness, even if they are not sexually active. Most instances of penal redness are not an indication of a serious condition, but it can be extremely uncomfortable, not to mention causing embarrassment and anxiety. Understanding the factors that can result in a sore, red penis is the first step to resolving numerous common penis problems. In addition, nourishing the skin and underlining tissue with a combination of penis-specific vitamins and minerals can boost the body's natural healing ability and prevent minor dermal irritation that can lead to more serious problems.

Common Causes of a Sore and Red Penis

· Balanitis – This disorder mainly affects men who are uncircumcised, although any male can experience this inflammatory condition. Balanitis occurs when the tip, or glans, of the penis becomes red and swollen. Often, it is difficult or impossible for uncircumcised men with balanitis to retract the foreskin.

· Bacterial Infections – Bacteria thrive in warm and moist places, and the genital area serves as a prime breeding ground for thousands of microbes. While most of these are harmless, certain bacteria can cause infections if allowed to penetrate the outer layers of the penis skin. Even minor bacterial infections can lead to redness, soreness, and in some cases, a discharge that may exude a foul odor.

· Fungal Infections – The rash and irritation of the common fungal infection known as jock itch is familiar to most men. Like bacteria, the fungus that causes jock itch is known to proliferate in this warm, moist region of the body, and without proper skin care, severe itching, redness and irritation can result.

· Heat Rash – Warm weather, in combination with restrictive clothing, can cause sweating and chafing, leading to the condition known as heat rash. Maintaining the pH balance of the skin is important to prevent penis redness and irritation that often occurs in the summer months.

· Skin allergies or sensitivities – Men who have sensitivities to certain materials such as the latex found in condoms or to the chemicals found in many detergents and cleansers may develop reddened penis skin that is itchy or sore to the touch. Nourishing the penis skin with vitamins and natural moisturizers is key to soothing the irritation caused by contact dermatitis or skin allergies.

· Psoriasis – Psoriasis can affect the skin of the penis, as well as the rest of the body, resulting in peeling, redness, itching and irritation. This condition can be a real turn-off to a prospective sexual partner, and treating it effectively is critical to avoiding embarrassment and loss of self-esteem.

· Aggressive masturbation or sex – Dry rubbing or aggressive sex, as most men know, can cause the penis skin to become reddened and sore. Moisturizing the skin and creating a natural barrier against hydration loss may help to reduce the soreness and reddening that occurs as a result of sexual sexual activity or manual stroking.

How to sooth and heal a reddened penis

Maintaining healthy and well-hydrated penis skin is the first step to overcoming problems such as red penis, sore penis, or penis irritation. Dermatologists have identified a number of nutrients that are essential for creating smooth and supple skin, resisting harmful bacterial agents, and soothing dermal disorders such as psoriasis and skin allergies.

A specifically designed penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains a combination of these essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E, as well as antioxidants, amino acids and all-natural moisturizers, can be highly effective in reducing redness and irritation of the penis that may result from multiple skin disorders.