Soothing the Colicky Baby

If you’re like many new parents, you are well acquainted with the scenario: it’s 8:00 p.m. and your newborn baby won’t stop crying. You’ve rocked him, sung to him, tried frantically to nurse him but nothing will make him stop. You’ve received tons of well meaning but useless advice on how to ease his crying but nothing has helped.

There is a secret for soothing the colicky baby that many cultures around the world have known for ages that is just now becoming popular in western culture. Carrying your baby, or babywearing is crucial if you have a fussy infant and is essential for soothing the colicky baby.

Studies have shown that babies who are raised in cultures where they are constantly carried or “worn” cry considerably less than their western counterparts. Being held and carried closely by their parents is comforting for infants, particularly those with fussier temperaments. Babies who are often held in such close contact enjoy a closer bond to their parents as well.

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Carrying your baby in a carrier can simplify your life as well. Getting around small aisles in the grocery store or climbing up and down stairs while you are out is easier when you “wear” your baby as opposed to maneuvering a stroller in these difficult places.

Parents who own and use a carrier don’t understand how those parents who don’t can live without one. I feel like I could have never survived the first year of child’s life without my carrier. There were many difficult nights where the only way I could calm my colicky baby and put him down was by putting him in a baby carrier to comfort him to sleep. Wearing my infant transformed my fussy newborn into a much calmer baby. The advice I give my friends for soothing the colicky baby is, “carry your baby”.